Thinking of Engineering at TAFE?


Hello and thank you for your interest in one of our courses.

These courses are in the technical stream, which means they are aimed at design and system related roles in manufacturing. This is ideal for trade qualified workers who want to combine their hands-on skills and knowledge with the technicals of CAD design, engineering physics and design skills. We also cater for school leavers looking for work. HSC maths is not required for entry.


Certificate 3


MEM30505 10 units

Cert III in Engineering – Technical

Get qualified in 6 months (Full-time) or

1 year (Part-time, 2 nights/week)

Cost: *Approx $1390

Link to Enrol

Western Sydney Institute  131 870



MEM50212 20 units (C3+10)

Diploma of Engineering – Technical

After the Cert 3, you can continue into the Diploma;

Get qualified in 6 months (Full-time) or

1 year (Part-time, 2 nights/week)

Cost: *Approx $4500 - $5700

Link to Enrol

Western Sydney Institute  131 870

Advanced Diploma


MEM60112 30 units (Dip +10)

Advanced Diploma of Engineering

After the Diploma, you can continue into the Advanced Diploma;

Typ 18 months (Part-time, 2 nights/week).

Cost: *Approx $5900 to $6300

Link to Enrol

Western Sydney Institute  131 870

Engineering at WSI combines Mechanical and Electrical Engineering specialists and CAD in the one area. The Mechanical course has some of the best internet resources and online testing available for Engineering (Technical) in NSW. This makes it ideal for students with work commitments that might prevent them attending some classes, and a real bonus for students who are worried about doing calculations and need to do more practice.


The first step is to make contact with Tim Lovett to determine a suitable course plan and timetable. (If you have not already)

PHONE: 9208 6448



Classes start: Monday 1 Feb, 2016



Tim Lovett

Teacher Mechanical Engineering, Course Coordinator, Mix-n-Match Product Coordinator, WSI Online Specialist


*How much does it cost?

Since our courses are fully embedded (share the same subjects), you can take advantage of the Certificate 3 to lower the costs of Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Compare the course costs with the approximate pathway costs:

  • Certificate 3 in Engineering (Technical) $1390 (first course) or $1670
  • Diploma in Engineering (Technical) $5700 (or $4520 via Certificate 3)*
  • Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Technical) $6320 (or $5883 via Certificate 3)*

* These numbers are approximate maximum costs and do not include discounts available for previous learning, special rates for subsidized learners, and other variations. Diploma and above allow deferred payment. Payment plans, to allow progressive payment through the course, are available and can be arranged at the time of enrolment.

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